Addressing interoperability in the NHS
By Janeiro Digital | November 30, 2021 | Case Studies

NHS Personal Health Stores allow secure and shareable health data exchange so that patients can stay informed and in control of their information. People experience many health and care events over the course of their life, each of which generate data that is stored across siloed IT systems in the…

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By Janeiro Digital | November 19, 2021 | Case Studies

Personal online health stores allow NHS patients, and the people supporting them, to stay informed – with a single source of truth that’s updated in real-time. Using XFORM and technologies like Solid Pods and verifiable credentials that enable decentralized identity, gives patients control over their own health data. This means…

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By Janeiro Digital | October 27, 2021 | Case Studies

Through XFORM and Solid pods, the decentralized web makes healthcare better for patients, healthcare professionals and health services. Giving patients access and control over their information, and creating a consent-based data bridge, means that healthcare professionals can quickly and easily find an accurate record of each person’s health history. XFORM…

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Janeiro Digital launches first enterprise solution for the decentralized web
By Janeiro Digital | May 12, 2021 | News

NEWS RELEASE: Janeiro Digital launches first enterprise solution for the decentralized web Janeiro Digital’s XFORM platform connects rapidly emerging standards for decentralized personal data with existing enterprise systems XFORM’s capabilities are essential to broad adoption of decentralized standards and technologies like Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid  The technology has been developed…

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Introducing our next-generation XFORM platform
By Janeiro Digital | August 22, 2017 | Technology

At every turn, it seems there’s a new technology trend with the potential to revolutionize your organization. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, blockchain, or something else, businesses are evolving and working to implement new technology solutions at breakneck pace. The downside of this rapid pace of change is…

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