For more than a decade, Janeiro Digital has been helping countries and companies to achieve their goals through digital transformation. Through the experience of working with our sector-leading clients and the vision and skills of our world-class developer team, we realized that the next crucial step for software was to empower a new kind of Web. One that prioritizes the value of personal data and delivers more personal control and security to individuals and organizations.

So we built XFORM, a software platform to enable countries, global companies and institutions to harness the possibilities of the decentralized web. Our software will deliver the benefits and control of data back to those who own it, and enable a more ethical web.

The Future Of Data Is Yours.

The web was meant to be decentralized. But data has been increasingly organized into private siloes with proprietary interfaces – controlled by large organizations and institutions. Your personal data is scattered and siloed across these organizations. You can’t see it, control it, or use it. Most importantly, you can’t extract any new value from it.

Global markets, the public and regulations such as GDPR are now demanding that organizations rapidly improve data stewardship with a ground swell towards true consent-based access. The tide is turning back towards individual data ownership and privacy.

Janeiro Digital has worked hand-in-hand with industry luminaries in the development of open-standards and protocols to decentralize personal data on the Web into Personal Online Datastores. Our CTO, Justin Bingham, is co-editor of the Solid specification alongside the inventor of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, as well as other standards enabling the interoperability of data and applications on the decentralized Web.


The key to giving people control of their data, is to integrate with the systems, services, and applications where it lives today.

In 2018, Janeiro Digital introduced XFORM and became the leading enterprise software provider for the Personal Online Datastore ecosystem. XFORM is purpose-built to meet the rigorous requirements of governments and highly regulated, consumer-facing corporations with complex data needs. XFORM was designed to link the decentralized web of Personal Online Datastores with the architecture and infrastructure requirements of large-scale enterprises to create transformative solutions centered on personal data control.

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What Are Personal Online Datastores?

Personal Online Datastores (PODs) are like personal web servers for data. They allow people to share their data securely with other people or applications through a secure and dynamic API, that synchronizes with local, physical devices as well as third party applications and services. PODs store data using open, interoperable data formats and interfaces that any application or machine can read and write.

PODs are an ideal solution for large enterprises to capitalize on rising consumer demand for data control. They present new opportunities for organizations to take advantage of a much more varied and rich data set available across the POD ecosystem allowing for new products and services that aren’t possible in a centralized web. Solid is a key open Web standard to decentralize data on the Web and enable Personal Online Datastores.


We believe in a more ethical Web. One where everyone can be in control their own data – and be able to use it to improve their lives by connecting to other systems and entities that can deliver value to them in their personal and professional lives.

Since 2009, we’ve been architecting and delivering best in class technology services that help large organizations reach their digital transformation goals. In recent years, it became increasingly apparent that those learnings and skills could be applied to make the Web a fairer, safer and more democratic world in which large organizations, public and private sectors, and individuals can benefit from the next revolutionary iteration of the Web. We created XFORM to help realize that vision.