By Janeiro Digital | October 8, 2021 | News

This week’s outage occurred due to a “faulty configuration change” at Facebook HQ which, in turn, affected Facebook and everything Facebook owns, including Instagram and Whatsapp as well as and anywhere you ‘login via facebook’. The outage caused global and wide scale disruption for individuals and businesses who rely on…

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Transforming clinical care by putting patient data back where it belongs: INTERopen Hackathon March 21
By Janeiro Digital | August 11, 2021 | News

Every year INTEROpen runs a series of hackathon events supported by the UK’s NHS, bringing together innovators and experts from across healthcare and technology to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector. In March 2021, we joined the INTEROPen hackathon to help…

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UK’s Department of Health and Social Care: Data Saves Lives Explained
By Janeiro Digital | July 20, 2021 | News

In June, the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care announced a new draft policy Data Saves Lives in collaboration with NHSX, to solve the age old challenge of interoperability and patient access to data in the NHS. But what does it mean?  We’ve summarized the highlights…. The Topline The…

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UK Department of Health and Social Care announce new commitment to improve data-sharing and interoperability
By Janeiro Digital | June 22, 2021 | News

The latest draft policy report from the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care “Data saves lives: reshaping health and social care with data” is an important step forward to creating a data infrastructure that improves the lives of patients and support healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care….

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Janeiro Digital at Solid World: NHS Personal Health Stores with XFORM Health and Solid
By Janeiro Digital | June 11, 2021 | News

The Janeiro Digital team presented to Solid World on their work with the UK’s NHS, one of the earliest adopters of the decentralized web. The presentation highlights how XFORM is connecting existing information systems with decentralized solutions based on Solid protocols, to enable patients and clinicians to share information more…

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New partnership brings enterprise security to the decentralized web
By Janeiro Digital | June 2, 2021 | News

NEWS RELEASE: New partnership brings enterprise security to the decentralized web Janeiro Digital and RSA partner to create secure solutions based on next-generation Solid decentralized web standards and protocols, where personal data is owned and controlled by end user Janeiro Digital’s XFORM architecture brings interoperability between existing data systems and Solid. …

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