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Introducing our next-generation XFORM platform

By Janeiro Digital | August 22, 2017

At every turn, it seems there’s a new technology trend with the potential to revolutionize your organization. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, blockchain, or something else, businesses are evolving and working to implement new technology solutions at breakneck pace.

The downside of this rapid pace of change is that technical debt has quickly become a sobering hindrance. Though less familiar on the business side of the house, technical debt is well-known in the programming world. It happens when digital transformation is rushed, and code that is easier to implement in the short-term is applied instead of a better long-term solution. Rather than creating an optimal solution from the ground up, companies will forgo the time- and labor-intensive software development work, instead opting for an off-the-shelf solution that fits in with their existing architecture.

The problem is that this patchwork style of innovation creates a fragile backend. New programmers joining your team will face a challenging task of interpreting the work of others that came before them, and you’ll eventually outpace your ability to create Band-Aid solutions.

This issue of technical debt is one of the key drivers behind our creation of the XFORM platform, the next generation of which is available today. Using a flexible microservices architecture, XFORM enables us to rapidly build out reliable and robust enterprise applications and connect them with existing systems and data in a standardized, scalable way.

XFORM is comprised of two fundamental parts:

  • XFORM Foundation: Includes all of the key components needed to jump-start modular development and establish a clean, scalable, secure, and flexible enterprise application architecture.
  • XFORM Bridge: A lightweight API Mediation layer connecting disparate solutions in an organization, handling the important logic and transformation that typically falls through the cracks with out-of-the-box products.

Not only does XFORM shorten delivery timelines of new application initiatives by several months, it also lays the right groundwork for programmers – shrinking the technical debt that would delay or derail future innovative projects.

This platform, combined with our Rapid Alignment, and Design & Development (RADD) process, enables us to help some of the world’s largest organizations with their toughest digital transformations.

→ Want to learn more about XFORM and reducing your technical debt? Get in touch.


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