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By Janeiro Digital | October 27, 2021

Through XFORM and Solid pods, the decentralized web makes healthcare better for patients, healthcare professionals and health services.

Giving patients access and control over their information, and creating a consent-based data bridge, means that healthcare professionals can quickly and easily find an accurate record of each person’s health history. XFORM solves healthcare’s interoperability challenges once and for all by joining up the siloed healthcare IT systems directly with patient-controlled pods, which ensures no information gets lost and ultimately improves care and health outcomes.

We follow Tom’s journey through the NHS with his decentralized pod. He requires surgery after falling over jogging and injuring his knee. Tom’s doctor Dr. Ross uses XFORM Health which, with Tom’s permission, gives an overview of his medical history – from appointments to allergies – from his dynamic Personal Health Data Store that he can browse through, and contribute to at any time.

At Dr. Ross’ suggestion, Tom chooses to link his wearable to XFORM, so that he and Dr. Ross can see his steps and exercise and thus monitor his progress. Having the data to show that his recovery is moving in the right direction, means Dr Ross make ongoing and informed decisions about his management plan and follow-up care so that Tom recovers as quickly and as effectively as possible.



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