XFORM is Janeiro Digital’s platform for rapidly bringing new enterprise solutions online and connecting them with existing assets in a standardized, scalable way.


XFORM enables the most common and useful foundational components for a solution to be brought up quickly and efficiently, forming the basis for the work to come. XFORM is built up of two fundamental parts, Foundation and Bridge.


A successful enterprise solution needs a majority of focus and attention paid to the unique business problem at hand. Furthermore, every solution must also be reliable, scalable, secure, and ready to integrate into the greater enterprise eco-system. Foundation gives you a jumpstart to a faster enterprise solution and transformation of legacy applications.

Reusable components build on our success, challenges, and lessons learned over a history of projects

The set of core modules speed up modular development by leveraging industry best practices and enterprise patterns


Existing enterprise core systems provide sound mechanics but lack the intelligent business context needed for integration. Bridge offers the glue between disparate solutions in order to make enterprise integration investments worthwhile and effective. It can handle important logic and transformation that tend to fall through the cracks with out-of-the-box products lacking strong connectors or targeted functionality.

Rapidly build or augment custom enterprise solutions the right way with an emphasis on integration and consistency

Provide extra context to be sure the infrastructure works for disparate business units without displacing existing integrations

How can XFORM work for you?

Don’t let a lack of supporting infrastructure hold back your innovation initiatives. Schedule an introductory, three-hour strategy session to find out how your organization can benefit from solution creation that has a shortened foundational building period, and rapidly connects to vital legacy systems.