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Fixing the Web to Save The World: Presenting inrupt and the Decentralized Web Movement

By Justin Bingham | October 22, 2018

Tomorrow, I’ll be presenting “Back to the Future: Fixing the Web to Save the World” at the Fast Company Innovation Festival. This event gathers elite leaders from around the world who have a passion for innovation and creativity to uncover the future of business and culture together. It is exactly the type of place where we at Janeiro like to ignite ideas.

As you hopefully heard, Janeiro Digital has been working with inrupt, the new startup created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and John Bruce based on the Solid platform. Inrupt’s goal is to decentralize the web by resetting the balance of power and reigniting its true potential. It’s been a wild ride and tomorrow, I’ll explore the vision driving the decentralized web movement, discuss the goals and potential of inrupt, and dig into the promise of the “blank slate for innovation” that Solid creates – for developers, businesses and eventually, everyone.

Potential and innovation are two forces that motivate us enormously here at Janeiro—we work day in and day out helping Fortune 1000 brands transform their businesses and drive impactful business outcomes. To us, the decentralized web movement is a catalyst for innovation and opportunity, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the web was originally invented by Sir Tim back in 1989.

As a contributor to inrupt’s journey from vision to commercialization, Janeiro Digital is uniquely positioned. Not only do we understand just how important the shift to decentralization will be, but we also bring bold creativity, a proven methodology and the technology needed to help businesses harness the power of inrupt and Solid to innovate in truly new ways.

If you are attending the Fast Company Innovation Festival and would like to speak with me or our CEO, Jonathan Bingham at the conference, send us an email, or get in touch here, and we’re happy to schedule a meeting. You can also follow us on Twitter for live tweets of my presentation and can join the conversation with #FCFestival. I look forward to connecting with you!



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Fixing the Web to Save The World: Presenting inrupt and the Decentralized Web Movement

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