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CIOs, Think Outside the Centralized Box: It’s Time for the Decentralized Web

By Jonathan Bingham | March 8, 2019

Earlier this year I predicted, “Companies that start exploring the decentralized web will be ahead of the game.” Judging by the audience attending the upcoming Leading Edge Forum’s The Decentralization of Everything Seattle and San Francisco Tour (March 17-22 2019), I see that I’m not alone.

On March 18, I’m thrilled to join 40-50 CIOs and CDOs from some of the largest companies around the world to learn about their big dreams for innovation and explore how the decentralized web could make them happen. The goal of the tour is to help these innovation leaders prepare for the tidal wave of opportunity that’s coming so they can achieve first-adopter advantage.

Janeiro Digital is at the center of this next new wave of business innovation. With our deep history helping businesses solve big problems through digital transformation, we view the decentralized web as one of the most tectonic opportunities. Spearheading the decentralization movement is the Solid platform, invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee to give users control over data and stimulate new opportunities for innovation – especially for developers and enterprises.

Janeiro Digital is working closely with Tim’s startup, inrupt, to help transform Solid from its academic roots into a platform for wide-scale global use. So we have unique insights into the game-changing power of decentralization and how best to architect it within enterprises.

Come join us in Seattle on March 18 to learn more. To register visit here. And if you can’t make it to Seattle, but want to learn more, please reach out to us.

Read more about how Janeiro is working with inrupt here

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