Meet the Digitalians

Meet the Digitalians: Brian Staruk
By Janeiro Digital | February 19, 2016 | Culture

In this installment of the Meet The Digitalians Series, I sit down with Brian Staruk, one of our front end developers who has colorful taste for both music and beer, and some great insights into working for a startup. Despite multiple attempts, I cannot get the nickname “Starstruck” to catch…

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Meet The Digitalians: Beatriz Gonzalez
By Janeiro Digital | January 19, 2016 | Culture

In this edition of Meet the Digitalians, I chat with Beatriz Gonzalez from our Costa Rican office: Artist. Athlete. App developer. With hypersomnia…(I mean, her name has 3 z’s…) KM: Hey B! BG: Hey! KM: How was your weekend? Do anything good? BG: Ummm, I went to the beach? KM:…

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Meet the Digitalians: Kim Bridge
By Janeiro Digital | December 11, 2015 | Culture

For issue 2 of the Meet the Janeiro Digitalians Series, I sit down with Project Director Kim Bridge to learn lessons on directing, dungeons, dragons, and digital life. KM: Okay so you’re a Project Director. What does that mean? KB: I act as a liaison between our clients and our teams. I…

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