Internet of Things

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Delivering solutions for the Internet of Things

Achieving substantial business outcomes through IoT initiatives means integrating seamlessly throughout the enterprise ecosystem. New data available from connected devices creates new opportunities for everything from design and manufacturing through sales, delivery, support, and end user experience. Your business will only stay relevant by finding new ways to adapt and embrace the possibilities of the connected world.

Connected devices are only one piece of the puzzle. In order to realize your business goals through IoT, you need an innovative and achievable strategy that brings these  disparate pieces together across your enterprise. From there, you can activate these new streams of incoming data to empower the delivery of real value that makes sense for your customers. 

Janeiro Digital’s approach leverages your existing infrastructure with faster and more intentional development of new components for meaningful success quickly. We’ve brought projects through the entire IoT lifecycle and we pair our expertise with the smart and skillful integration of technology to support transformative enterprise initiatives. 

Finding Your Place in the IOT Journey

The world of IoT innovation is moving at breakneck speed towards the future. Success hinges on building the most effective IoT strategy possible and making the right choices along the way.

Developing your iot strategy

What do consider as you define your IoT strategy and how to determine where to focus your efforts to drive the return and value for both your organization and your customers?

Here for you every step of the way

Wherever you are in your IoT journey, our unique process and platform enables the alignment of business strategy with technical design and the implementation of high-quality integrated solutions.

Core Services

  • Strategic Direction
  • Technology Platform
  • IoT Maturity Strategy
  • Data Practice and Data Analytics
  • Manufacturing 4.0
  • Blockchain
  • Enterprise IoT Capabilities
  • Edge

Notable Platforms and Tools

Big IoT initiatives take big strategies and big solutions

Establishing connections between the business and the products you’ve sent out into the world is only the beginning. Once you’ve managed to connect everything, you need to create applications that build on that base and offer benefits across the entire value chain, delivering a return back to the enterprise. Being able to handle and evaluate this data allows you to determine the most beneficial ways to adjust, enhance, and further develop your offering to make it even more valuable over time.

For most organizations, this means making real change from the top to the bottom in order to enable the rapid generation of new and powerful ways to serve both your enterprise and your customers.

IoT with Janeiro Digital

Janeiro Digital’s RADD process ensures that transformative initiatives are delivered on-time and on-budget, no matter how big the problem or project. Our XFORM platform supports that transformation. Rapidly innovate and build new IoT solutions, bring them online, and connect with existing enterprise assets in a standardized, efficient, scalable way.

Making sense of your IoT Journey

The breakneck speed of IoT innovation may leave you wondering where to start, where to go from there, and what to do next. Our Rapid Alignment process can uncover those answers and find your place in the journey.
Learn about what Janeiro Digital does and how we can help you.