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Create Innovation Economies Through Decentralized Web Applications Using Solid Enterprise Technology

Bridging To The Next Generation of The Web

For 30+ years, your customers have traded their personal information for free services on the Web. Email, physical addresses, sensitive data, and more, have been handed over in order to access the products, services, and connections that you offer.

However, the time has come where innovation and privacy have finally collided with each other, and it’s time for a revolution.

A revolution where companies use the decentralized web to satisfy privacy concerns and government regulations. Where customers, who trust and value their providers, allow consented access to a world of personal data not previously available.

It’s a rare, once-in-a-lifetime instance, where both you and your customer win. Where new innovations are made possible through true trust and collaboration between your customer and your company.

The Decentralized Web is here, and Janeiro Digital can help. Are you ready?

Janeiro Digital CTO Justin Bingham Presenting 'Unleash Your Data' @
Imagination in Action, April 2019


Janeiro Digital is working with the Inventor of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, to define the commercial market, ecosystem, and enterprise platforms for Solid, a revolution that will decentralize the business model of the Web.

We have created the first-ever commercial solutions leveraging Solid, as well as the ecosystem of enterprises, countries, technology vendors and system integrators, and developers that will remodel the Web for us all.

What innovations do our Solid platforms make possible? Increase the quality and  outcomes of healthcare for millions of citizens; speed clinical trials to deliver life-saving drugs faster to the market; personalize wellness programs for the better health of millions; just to name a few. Whatever innovation you can imagine, we can build on Solid.

Want to learn how Solid can help revolutionize your critical business applications?

Frequently Asked Questions


Solid is a revolutionary open-source technology platform created by the inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.  Solid empowers individuals to separate their data from the systems and applications that leverage it through the use of personal online data stores, or PODs.

Using Solid, individuals have unprecedented control of their data, relinquishing businesses from  concerns around data privacy and security. It also knocks down data silos that, today, impede innovation, exposing insights that were previously hidden, inaccessible or unimaginable.


inrupt is the enterprise gateway to Solid. It was co-founded by Tim Berners-Lee and CEO John Bruce with the mission  to ensure that the decentralized web and its community flourishes and to build a commercial ecosystem of products, services and partners to support it.


Janeiro Digital is working with inrupt, founded by Sir Tim Berners Lee, to shape the trajectory of Solid from its academic research origins to a full-fledged ecosystem that’s already proven attractive to tens of thousands of developers and users worldwide. Janiero’s CTO, Justin Bingham, is a part of inrupt’s core team, and, along with the Janeiro Digital executive and development team, is helping to bring the core vision of Solid to a commercial reality.

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