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Create Innovation Economies Through Decentralized Web Applications Using Solid Enterprise Technology

Bridging To The Next Generation of The Web

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Janeiro Digital are restoring the Web back to its decentralized roots. After 10 years of envisioning and building innovative digital transformation initiatives, Janeiro Digital has been entrusted to build the new business model for the web.

Under this new model, data is out of the enterprise and back in the hands of citizens, opening a new era of trusted, consent-based engagements and relationships between enterprises and the customers they serve.

For citizens, this movement is an opportunity to regain control over their data and allow them to make educated decisions on who accesses their data, and for what purpose. For companies, this movement will not only change the way they engage with their customers, but opens new business models and revenue streams previously thought impossible.

This is the way the Internet was meant to be. This is true digital transformation.

Janeiro Digital CTO Justin Bingham Presenting 'Unleash Your Data' @
Imagination in Action, April 2019



Imagine if pharmaceutical companies could bring life-saving drugs to the market faster by directly matching clinical trials with the patients who need them the most.

Imagine if social healthcare organizations could dramatically improve patient outcomes by creating unified patient records for every citizen. Or if insurance companies could offer custom protection packages to its customers to help protect them when they need it the most.

With the Decentralized Web and Solid-Enabled applications, it’s possible.

Janeiro Digital is working alongside inrupt to bring the vision of the Decentralized Web from its academic routes to the commercial enterprise. We are helping by:

  • Extensively supporting and contributing to Solid's open source development efforts
  • Actively building the enterprise use cases and ecosystem for Solid-enabled applications and servers
  • Opening new market opportunities for Solid enterprise applications and developers
  • Teaching integrators around the world how to consider business use cases to build Solid-enabled applications that benefit customers and drive revenue

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Frequently Asked Questions


Solid is a revolutionary open-source technology platform created by the inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.  Solid empowers individuals to separate their data from the systems and applications that leverage it through the use of personal online data stores, or PODs.

Using Solid, individuals have unprecedented control of their data, relinquishing businesses from  concerns around data privacy and security. It also knocks down data silos that, today, impede innovation, exposing insights that were previously hidden, inaccessible or unimaginable.


inrupt is the enterprise gateway to Solid. It was co-founded by Tim Berners-Lee and CEO John Bruce with the mission  to ensure that the decentralized web and its community flourishes and to build a commercial ecosystem of products, services and partners to support it.


Janeiro Digital is working with inrupt, founded by Sir Tim Berners Lee, to shape the trajectory of Solid from its academic research origins to a full-fledged ecosystem that’s already proven attractive to tens of thousands of developers and users worldwide. Janiero’s CTO, Justin Bingham, is a part of inrupt’s core team, and, along with the Janeiro Digital executive and development team, is helping to bring the core vision of Solid to a commercial reality.