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Blake Hankins

Chief Information Officer, CyrusOne

“Janeiro Digital has helped CyrusOne become more efficient as an organization and build new and better ways of serving our customers.”

Janeiro Digital Accelerates Growth With Office Expansion In Charlotte, North Carolina

2017 is proving to be a big year for Janeiro Digital! We’re continuing to accelerate growth through our expansion to the Charlotte market, adding office space at The Launch Factory.

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Cyrusone, Part 2: Creating A Portal For Customers

A new customer portal for CyrusOne reduced response time, lowered overhead costs, and increased self-service sales. Within sixty days of launch, they saw 100% adoption by their clients and 85% reduction in customer service overhead.

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Building A Culture of Innovation In A Large Enterprise

One way to ease your organization towards a more innovative mindset is to begin applying fresh problem-solving that addresses smaller trouble spots first.

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