Senior Java Developer

Working as an essential member of our Technology Team, the Senior Java Developer will be a prominent member of our cross functional software team who is instrumental in the design, development, and delivery of our software products. This growth role includes direct mentorship from the CTO and VP level personnel in the company, and the opportunity to enhance your skills around architecting, building, delivering, and scaling software-based solutions.

Working as part of our elite development team, the Senior Java Developer will be directly involved in the evolution and adoption of decentralized technologies and standards for identity and data as they are applied to real world problems in government, health care, and other sectors across the world. This role will foster and grow a wide-range of skills ranging from enterprise scale software architecture and delivery, to product management, creative problem solving, and outright invention.

The individual will be involved in stimulating and challenging research and analysis during the beginning phases of projects, in critical software and architecture decisions throughout project execution, and squarely involved in implementation of the most challenging areas of the solution. The Senior Java Developer is a leader who will collaborate with other team members to teach and grow their skills while subsequently learning and growing their own, all in the context of delivering the best possible solutions to the goals before them.

Using a blend of knowledge, creativity, and tenacity the Senior Java Developer will work with the team to ensure quality product delivery that meets or exceeds expectations. A successful team member will leverage his or her knowledge and creativity to build world-class solutions for difficult yet exciting business problems.


The Senior Java Developer will have the following responsibilities and functions:

  • Work directly with product leadership to understand customer needs, provide solution recommendations, and drive delivery of the solution.
  • Develop specifications for technical requirements, use case models, data models, software architecture models, class and program specifications.
  • Analyze business and functional requirements for distillation into technical specifications that can be delivered with high quality.
  • Work alongside Architects, Project Managers, other Developers, and Quality Assurance during project inception, development, launch and beyond.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of operating systems, development environments, frontend and backend programming languages, and data architecture.
  • Collaborate on best practices and toolsets to improve execution and process delivery.
  • Educate new and existing team members on project specifics, various technologies, approaches, and architectures.


  • Strong practical experience developing within modern agile development methodologies
  • 5+ years of development experience with Java and key Java-based frameworks (Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Apache, etc) and a strong foundation in object oriented programming
  • 5+ years of experience building RESTful web services.
  • Experience operating within a test-driven development environment.
  • Deep understanding of SQL and relational databases.
  • Experience with non-relational (Mongo, Cassandra), and/or RDF data stores (Neptune, Stardog, GraphDB) is a plus.


  • PostgreSQL preferred, alternatively MySQL..
  • Decentralized patterns, protocols, and technologies such as Solid, IPFS, DID and Verifiable Credentials.
  • Deploying/testing code in a cloud environment.
  • Familiarity with *nix operating systems.
  • Prior experience developing within clearly defined QA standards and best practices.
  • Generated specs/APIs (OAS, Swagger).
  • Excellent analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to think critically and take initiative to solve problems independently.


Janeiro Digital was launched in 2009 by brothers Justin and Jonathan Bingham. Led by their mission to harness the decentralized web to address the need for greater personal data value and security, Janeiro Digital builds transformative solutions for the individual benefit as well as the collective.

For over a decade, Janeiro Digital’s core business has supported large companies and institutions with digital transformation services. In 2019, Janeiro Digital began collaborating with Tim Berners-Lee, ‘Father of the world wide web’, in establishing open standards for the decentralized web through the Solid Project. Janeiro Digital’s CTO Justin Bingham is an Editor and co-author of the Solid Protocol specification with Sir Tim. Justin and the team are also closely involved in the evolution of the Solid ecosystem, including data interoperability patterns, secure data boundaries, developer tooling, and frictionless end user experience. The company developed XFORM as a platform designed to provide interoperability for decentralized Personal Data Stores within enterprise architectures.

The XFORM platform bridges the gap between existing IT systems running in organizations across the globe with personal data stored in decentralized personal data stores, effectively acting as a personal data exchange for an individual’s data.

Over the past two years Janeiro Digital has successfully deployed XFORM within the NHS. There, these technologies provide a decentralized approach to recording and sharing data by integrating with existing ecosystems, giving both clinicians and patients a unified record that will enable ultimate patient-centered care. Other pilot schemes and proof of concepts are being worked on with government and enterprise organizations.

Janeiro Digital partners with RSA, KPMG, and Deloitte.