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Agile Progressive Development

Through experience we’ve refined our process into the ultimate battle plan. We assess your needs, divide the work into development sprints, and when the dust settles after our attack, we’ll be there for peace-keeping and maintenance.


We're technology agnostic, and our team has a depth of experience across nearly all technologies, frameworks, and platforms. We assess your needs and choose the best technology, platform, and/or framework to accomplish your goals, and assemble a strike force to turn those goals into victories.


Every battle needs a good strategy to win. We work with you to break the target down into components and user stories. We then identify any unknowns and risk areas to come up with a realistic sprint schedule and delivery timeline. We ensure that everyone knows their roles and are prepared to fulfill their responsibilities.

Build • Test • Report

Each sprint, developers take the stories assigned to them and turn them into functionality, passing them through QA to the Product Owner during the sprint for feedback and adjustment so that everything is looking good by sprint's end.

Once the Product Owner gives the story the OK, QA creates a browser simulated automated test for each one, which are then run in a regression anytime new code is committed.

Easy to understand reports are created at the end of each sprint so that everyone, including management, knows exactly where things stand.


Once all of the stories are wrapped up, tested, and approved, we mobilize for final integration testing and release to the world.


We’re well equipped to provide superior maintenance for the products we build, or to step into a maintenance role for existing applications on most architectures and platforms.

Team Structure

The right team structure is essential to any successful product. We’ve learned through experience which teams produce results and which ones don’t, and have continually refined our own to reflect this. Here’s how a typical squad works:

Chief Technology Officer

Your battlefield commander, the CTO is responsible for technology architecture and strategy. They will ensure that the technology path is in line with business goals, keeping an eye on both the short and long term needs.

Project Director

The Project Director owns the project scope and plan, translating requirements into actionable items. They will set up realistic and achievable targets so the team can take responsibility and knock em’ down.

Project Manager

Tactical coordination is the domain of the Project Manager. From day-to-day and sprint-to-sprint tracking and facilitation, the PM ensures that team members aren't blocked and that the process is running smoothly.


Our agile coding machines. They develop stories and functionality to spec, perform code reviews, and work together to overcome blocks and onboard new resources.

QA Lead/Engineers

The ultimate in test-driven automators. Documentation, execution, and automation of stories and workflows are their speciality. Developers fear their wrath.

Product Owner

You own the product vision. We’ll set you up to work closely with the team throughout development sprints, providing constant key feedback on each story to ensure that the deliverables are squarely in line with expectations.

Product Delivery

Strategic Assessment

Whether you have a vision that you need turned into a concrete, actionable plan, or an existing application and/or platform that needs re-work, Janeiro Digital is extremely good at coming in and assessing where you're at, and what it will take to get you there. By the time we finish, you'll have a full component and story breakdown of the deliverable, a sprint delivery schedule, and an explanation of the number of team members and roles that it will take to execute on the schedule, all rolled up into an easy to read battle strategy.

Agile Development

When it comes to Agile Product Delivery, we're the best in the business. Our development strike forces consistently deliver high-quality, scalable, and robust solutions to our clients across a host of technologies and platforms in an iterative and release friendly manner. Our progressive development methodology allows us to be your whole team, or easily integrate with the team you have.

Quality Assurance

We take Quality Assurance to the next level. We don't just surf screens and look for bugs, we make scripts that simulate the browsing experience and automate every user story and workflow. These scripts are then hooked into a continuous integration server so that as new code is committed, all of the automated tests are executed and any issues introduced are identified immediately during development - rather than later, by your users. Our QA warriors are an essential part of any of our agile development efforts, but can also be engaged on their own for both black box and automated testing of your application.

Strategic Maintenance

The ability to maintain and manage applications and systems is a critical void that has become a nuisance for most instead of a competitive advantage. To combat this issue, Janeiro Digital has created a strategic maintenance program that aligns your business needs with resources capable of taking over this task.

We’re well-equipped to step into a maintenance role for existing applications on most architectures and platforms, allowing you to keep your in-house developers focused on knocking down the competition. We offer all aspects of application maintenance services, from bug filing and tracking to full fledged customer support.

Client Testimonials

We’ve brought some of the best in the business from idea to market.
Don’t take our word for it though. Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

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Spend as much time in the trenches as we do and you pick up a few things. Why keep it to ourselves?

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About Us

Co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Jonathan and Justin Bingham, Janeiro Digital builds premium enterprise applications and creates digital assets for organizations whose business success depends upon the quality and timing of products they deliver. From concept creation to production rollout and everything in between, Janeiro Digital has you covered.

Our clients are innovation-driven companies around the globe that range from emerging startups to the Fortune 100. They choose Janeiro Digital because of our creative, adaptive, versatile and transparent team. Our experience and highly-refined processes make us the optimal product development partner for lean, agile based initiatives.