About Us

Janeiro Digital is a leading-edge solutions-focused firm with one initiative in mind: to help companies better achieve their goals and serve their customers. We live at the intersection of key business objectives and technology enablement. With a group of passionate and creative digital experts, we work collaboratively to build a holistic digital strategy.

“The intersection of key business objectives and technology enablement.”


Our Approach

Janeiro Digital takes a “RADD” approach to understanding our client’s business goals and identifying digital solutions to achieve strategic objectives. Rooted in scientific method to fully articulate business goals and recommend the best possible solutions, we treat every customer challenge and goal as a unique scenario. Every case begins with up-front research to identify the problems and questions that need to be answered to satisfy the goal. Hypotheses are formulated, analyzed, tested, and adjusted until definitive results are met for each one. These results are intelligent and actionable conclusions that pave the way for implementation through rapid design and development cycles. This approach delivers cutting-edge, high-value, and disruptive output. It’s RADD.



Purpose: Understand the goal. Ask questions. Identify problems. Understand impacting factors.

Output: By truly understanding each unique scenario through deep research to understand key factors that impact a client’s goals, we create hypotheses that provide a solution for each component including technology architecture and product development.



Purpose: Based on extensive research to identify and understand goals and challenges, provide insights and recommendations. This includes answers to high-risk technical questions and validates product strategy and technical approach.

Output: Create an execution plan that may include UI prototypes for key workflows, data architecture suggestions, and infrastructure design.



Purpose: Bring to life the execution plan.

Output: User Workflows, UX Wireframes, Design Concepts, UI Mockups and Rapid Prototyping, Complete Design Composites, and Continued Front-end QA.



Purpose: Build and implement a solution.

Output: Solution Implementation, Application Delivery, System Integration, Maintenance and Support, and QA and Test Automation.

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