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Your Competitors are Innovating. Are you?

By Jonathan Bingham | November 11, 2016

Organizations are at a crossroads.  There’s business as usual and there’s data-driven innovation that lies ahead for large enterprises. Progressive organizations are taking a “bi-modal” approach to advancing their business into the data-driven age while still maintaining their core business. These are not quick technology-specific changes like the SaaS world handed us. In fact it is the SaaS explosion colliding with legacy systems and old processes that created both the challenges and opportunities that large-scale organizations are now dealing with. Problem? No. OPPORTUNITY.

In order to transform an organization, it’s necessary to have the right vision, leadership and technical capability to move the needle. Technology for technology sake is not the answer and will leave organizations that move in this direction with less than ideal results.

Organizations that win during this data-driven revolution will carefully align their business needs and corporate initiatives with a strategy that unifies not just their organization internally but their entire partner, supplier and client ecosystem. This requires strategic partners that are able to roll up their sleeves and understand their organizations core business and industry at a depth that is as equally critical as their technology know how. This unification of business and technology will depend on process, people AND enabling technology. These transformations are not about 1 system. Or one business unit’s need. It’s about unification of an entire organization’s needs over time.

There is a tremendous opportunity about to be realized at the Fortune level. CEOs who have embraced this are racing against their competitors to be the leaders in their industry. Technology firms that understand the complexity of this initiative and can enable this transformation are in high demand. The ingredients are largely in place. What you make with them will dictate the results.

We’ll look forward to hearing from industry leaders in charge of these changes. The goal is to give actionable advice on how to structure your organization to move towards these data driven solutions, what transformational changes means to their organization, and lessons learned along the way.

It’s going to be an exciting ride. 

Jonathan Bingham


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