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The New Janeiro Digital

By Jonathan Bingham | August 13, 2014

Janeiro Digital set out seven years ago to bridge the gap between business ideas and technical solutions.  Over the years our work in application development has driven the innovative thinking of our organization.  We’ve been fortunate to work with many tremendous companies, helping their technology goals come to life. As we have grown both in experience and numbers, there have been a couple of constants; a thirst for knowledge and a goal to provide the best possible client experience.

Historically that was around not just technical aptitude, but also refining a process that could make outcomes more predictable for our clients.  In doing so, we have also identified areas of our organization to enhance our offerings making the client experience more well rounded.

What began as a technology shop focused on application development has evolved to be a leading edge solution-focused firm with creative teams, technical expertise, system integration and on-going support.  Through our evolution, we’ve essentially become a new breed. Janeiro Digital is an integrated firm that quickly grasps and can build upon your market and business initiatives, capable of executing a creative strategy to meet your goals, and delivering a sound technical solution to produce results in today’s digital world.

We are not Hill Holiday. We are not Sapient Nitro.  We’re Janeiro Digital.  Our edgy and fast paced culture epitomizes how we approach our engagements. We work with clients that share values of integrity, determination and creativity.  We out-hustle, out-work, and plain and simply care more about each engagement than the bigger firms.  We own our actions and work tirelessly to sit at the same side of the table with our partners.

We are thought leaders. We help to stimulate discussions across a variety of topics. To that effect we are launching several thought leadership initiatives including a new blog and a national event speaker series. Our hosted event series isn’t about just selling services, it’s about asking questions and collectively – through discussion and debate – learning from one another to make better business decisions.  We drive discussions in our industry much as we strive to do in our individual client relationships because we are convinced that when smart people talk through difficult concepts, great ideas happen.

The best moments in business are found at the intersection of passion, reason and execution.  We are here to connect those dots and, together, to win. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make an impact.  Welcome to the new Janeiro Digital.

Jonathan Bingham


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