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The Apple Watch: Worth It?

By Jonathan Bingham | May 13, 2015

This blog originally appeared on Business 2 Community.

Everyone is abuzz over the Apple Watch. Click through any general news site and you’re bound to find something about the beauty of the Apple Watch. Does it make sense to get one, though?

Think of this: there have been countless iterations of the iPod, iPad and iPhone. Now we have the Apple Watch. The question I have: How many of these will we have to buy to stay relevant? Watches are something that people take great pride in. There’s a saying: “Don’t judge a person by how they dress – judge them by their watch and shoes.” That brings me to my point of view on the Apple Watch.

I’m trying to fight the tide of using too much technology. I try to put my phone down when I get home, because it’s not just a phone anymore. It’s a mobile office. If it’s in my reach, I’ll use it right up to and beyond all my kids’ bedtimes. That’s not good for me as a parent. I suspect the Apple Watch won’t help: Unfortunately I have little to no willpower when it comes to technology restraint, so my efforts at de-teching when I come home will be at greater risk. So what will the watch give me that makes it worth my while?

Are the apps any better? It turns out I can get a cool sailing app that caught my eye – and a lot of others that are similar – on my iPhone. Or my iPad…

APPLE HEALTH THOUGH. Points for that! I’d buy Apple Watch just for that alone. But when you think about it, it’s not for swimming. Or sailing (sometimes you fall in, and sometimes you forget you’re wearing a watch and jump in – I can speak from personal experience on both) or anything that causes you to get it too wet. It’s not waterproof. It probably isn’t heat-proof, either, because none of my Apple devices like getting hot. Or too cold, for that matter. So I guess skiing and hiking in the winter are out of the question.

Have a tattoo on your wrist like I do? So much for the cool Apple Health features: The light based technology that measures your vitals can’t get a reading through dark ink. So much for that, but maybe no one that buys the Apple Watch has tattoos (just the entire Genius Bar).

The Apple Watch Edition collection features 18-karat gold cases. I have one nice watch. I don’t really wear it because I don’t love wearing things on my wrist that interfere with me typing on my MacBook, but I will eventually give it to one of my children (as so many parents do with heirlooms). So let’s talk about the 18-karat gold Apple Watch. It costs $17 grand – double the cost of a Rolex. It’s also on par with one of my favorite watches ever, Patek Philippe. Now that’s a watch. If you bought one of those 10 years ago for $15K, it’s probably worth even more today. What do you suppose that $17K Apple Watch 18-karat in rose gold casing will be worth in 10 years? …Maybe a little more than your first iPod.

Considering all that, what does it say about the person that buys one of these things? I don’t know about you but I hope no one I know buys one. If they do, it will have been nice knowing them…

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