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TechBreakfast Recap: We Demoed Axis Radius!

By Jonathan Bingham | July 22, 2015

Last week the Janeiro Digital team ventured over to the Microsoft New England Research and Development (NERD) Center in Cambridge for our first TechBreakfast. There was a fantastic turnout of around 100 people, and we were among the four lucky presenters demoing new products. It turns out we were in some pretty cool company.

Kwambio is in the business of customized 3D printing for the consumer. A lot goes into 3D printing, from design to software to hardware to execution, so designing and printing your own vase isn’t a walk in the park. Kwambio makes it easy: consumers can design their own products, select an item from its marketplace and customize it, and print their own 3D products from home.

BeConnections is a B2B networking community focused on small- and medium-sized businesses. Our favorite application was through events, and being able to learn about who else would be there that may be worth meeting.

Couchbase Mobile delivers the full power and flexibility of NoSQL to mobile. The built-in synchronization lets users access data on their mobile device both online and offline. Perfect when you’re stuck on the T in a tunnel without service!

And of course, we at Janeiro Digital unveiled Axis Radius to the masses – the GPS app built for pedestrians. We got some great feedback and even met a few people who will be test-walking the beta version, which will be ready later this month. We can’t wait to hear what they think. Didn’t catch us for your own demo? Don’t worry: we’ll have more information soon.

Thanks to the awesome folks at TechBreakfast for a great event. Maybe we’ll catch you at another one!

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