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Leading Supply Chain Visibility Company Delivers Real-Time Cargo Monitoring and Security Across The Globe

By Janeiro Digital | April 18, 2018

A world-leader in supply chain visibility originally turned to Janeiro Digital to augment its development staff and execute more efficiently across a variety of projects. The company creates hardware and sensor monitoring products, and provides services that help maintain the quality, integrity, and security of its customers’ shipments. Designed for organizations that need to closely monitor their products’ temperature and location, the company’s solutions receive and analyze customer shipment data. This data is comprised of three key areas that impact supply chain: integrity and efficiency (including quality and compliance), security, and logistics performance management.

With its expansive range of time, temperature, environmental, and location monitors, as well as monitoring software, the supply chain company needed a partner that could support its innovative development initiatives. It had been outsourcing a significant amount of work to a development group based in China and brought Janeiro onboard for another set of hands.

Through a phased approach and close partnership, Janeiro has since helped re-platform the company’s shipment management systems, upgraded the user interface, created an on-premise hybrid cloud, helped upgrade its entire architecture to a microservices infrastructure, and set the stage for a new, real-time data monitoring product. These advancements have:

      • Vastly improved the company’s development efficiency
      • Reduced maintenance and support costs
      • Set it up to easily and continuously innovate in the future

After nearly four years of working together, the company was impressed with Janeiro’s work and the impact of its Rapid Alignment process. They decided to have Janeiro lead a new series of innovation projects to help gain competitive advantage.


As one of its 2018 initiatives, the supply chain company sought to create a new platform for real-time visibility into shipment, location, and in-transit alerts. For food, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive products, maintaining proper temperature throughout the supply chain is essential to product quality, compliance, and profitability. The company needed a single shipment management system that could provide unparalleled supply chain visibility and that was built on a framework that would support future product expansion.

The new system needed to be intuitive and visually pleasing for users and incorporate a database that was friendly to data mining. This would enable the company to attract new customers by adding valuable data with actionable analytics and customizable workflows.

To support the company’s business goals, the new platform had to be developed in a way that would scale for quick adaptation to the changing needs of the company’s rapid growth. With the goal of adding ten new customers by the end of 2018, the supply chain company wanted its new solution to pay for itself within 18 months of its launch and generate three million in revenue in 2019.


Employing its Rapid Alignment, Design, and Development (RADD) methodology, Janeiro Digital set out to create a custom solution that would meet the supply chain company’s business objectives and long-term goals including:

      • Real-time cargo monitoring for all customer verticals in one platform
      • Intuitive, user-centric interface design
      • Scalability for rapid growth
      • Support for new subscription models/revenue streams
      • Hardware and software alignment for future device capabilities

The supply chain company and Janeiro Digital completed the initial Rapid Alignment (RA) stage in just six weeks. During this phase, Janeiro Digital developed a comprehensive strategy that included a current state system analysis, user journey mapping, rapid prototyping, and future state architecture modeling.

By taking the time to assess and clearly articulate the challenges, goals, and opportunities of the project at hand (and others that would follow), Janeiro Digital presented hypotheses for solutions that addressed each of the company’s pain points, taking into account existing technology architecture and subsequent development needs. Janeiro Digital also devised a clear project roadmap that outlined required components, scope, timeline, and costs.

The Janeiro team is now in the process of building and implementing the supply chain company’s new solution that will deliver real-time cargo monitoring and security for their clients across the globe.



Since working with Janeiro Digital, the supply chain company has:

      • Nearly doubled the speed at which its development projects are completed
      • Improved its technical infrastructure, bolstered product user experiences
      • Eliminated significant technical debt

Perhaps most importantly, through their years of working together on both tactical projects and more advanced, forward-thinking initiatives, Janeiro Digital and the supply chain company have set the stage for a common development workflow that will expedite all future development projects. This achievement has already saved the supply chain company hundreds of thousands of dollars in development work and stands to streamline the costs of future projects for years to come.

Planned projects that will build upon the real-time monitoring platform are already underway with Janeiro, including building a new predictive analytics tool that will enable customers to use real-time reports to optimize their shipping routes based on weather and traffic. Janeiro looks forward to ensuring these projects stay on time and on budget as a trusted and reliable partner for the company.


Janeiro Digital has been a trusted partner for the supply chain visibility company for nearly four years. They have benefited greatly from its RADD methodology and technical expertise. Their internal team has experienced first-hand how Janeiro’s approach accelerated their understanding of the business, and enabled them to come up with a new creative approach to drive their desired growth.


The supply chain company is a world leader in supply chain visibility. Their innovative monitoring products and services help to maintain the quality, integrity, and security of their customers’ valuable products at every step in their journey, all around the world. For more than 25 years, leading companies in the food, pharmaceutical, industrial, consumer goods, and other industries have relied on them to help protect their products—and their bottom lines.

Download the full case study here: Leading Supply Chain Visibility Company Delivers Real-Time Cargo Monitoring and Security Across The Globe. 

For supply chain and logistics professionals considering an investment in new technologies, Janeiro Digital is offering a free call with its team of technical architects and experts whose job it is to listen to your problems and provide actionable solutions, commitment-free. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll set it up. 


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