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Nimble CIO’s, Breaking The Rules, Summer’s Not Over, Dinosaurs, and More

By Janeiro Digital | August 14, 2017

The great CIO community site, The Enterprisers Project, defines digital transformation as “the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers.”

You can find many other definitions, but the one constant in any definition is “change.” We recently explored four types of transformation here on this blog and change (and its variants, like “shift” and “redefine”) was the common thread. This includes change in thinking, changing some of the rules, adapting to change and embracing technology like IoT.

With these changes in mind, here are five news items we came across recently that we wanted to share:

Empower IT to lead digital transformation


“The consumerization of IT has completely changed expectations for service delivery across the business, and nimble CIOs know the only way to help keep their companies competitive is to extend an olive branch across lines of business and ensure IT is meeting the needs of a company’s users and customers.”

What it Means for You

Digital transformation equals business transformation and it is no longer the domain of the C-suite. The IT team needs to recognize that the question it should ask the business is “How can we meet you where you are and maybe even be helpful?”

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The 6 rules of digital transformation: How IT can get in the game

From TechRepublic

“Despite the promise of the cloud and related technologies, many companies aren’t going all in. According to a July report from Bain & Company, on average companies have only moved 40% of their compute or storage to the cloud…In addition to the cloud, a host of other technologies and tools are required for a company to achieve digital transformation. Along with those tools are standards and principles that need to be followed in order for a company to achieve success in that journey, the report said.”

What it Means for You

The report lists six rules for digital transformation. Consider these rules against yours, determine what makes sense and how to change your rules as necessary. They are: Break boundaries across IT stacks; embrace DevOps; be open; incorporate policy engines; induce insights; and insist on user-friendly experiences and tools. Which rules do you need to adopt?

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Digital transformation books lead our summer 2017 IT reading list

From The Enterprisers Project

“The days of the CIO being the person who knows the most about technology are over. Today’s CIOs need to be all-around leaders, capable of high-level strategy, smart about digital transformation, and close to customers. Above all, CIOs must inspire and motivate the people who work for them. We’ve picked out 10 books that will help you do that better – and make for enjoyable summer reading.”

What it Means for You

Summer is not over! If you’ve already worked through your summer reading list and want to use the last few weeks getting a jump start on the rest of 2017 and 2018 planning, this list is worth checking out.

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Adaptability: The Key Leadership Trait In The Digital Transformation

From Forbes

“Leaders don’t just have to change — they must change quickly, or best case proactively — if they want to stay at the head of the market. Given the vast number of changes happening daily due to technology’s advancement, today’s leaders are under a great amount of pressure to know more — and do more — than ever before. The following are some essential traits all leaders need to embrace if they wish to keep their company from becoming mere relics of the digital age.”

What it Means for You

As the article opens, “There are reasons that dinosaurs no longer roam the earth.” Respond to the pressure to do more by embracing the possibilities of next-gen technology, building for both current and future use cases, and keeping customers happy and engaged. In short, don’t be a dinosaur.

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Is IoT really driving enterprise digital transformation?

From Network World

“The Internet of Things is often thought of as primarily an industrial and consumer technology. But there’s a growing consensus that IoT is also taking a leading role in digital transformation in a wide variety of business applications in locations around the world.”

What it Means for You

The article cites an SAP survey that concluded that digital transformation leaders “are significantly more likely to have invested in IoT technologies than have other companies.” Whether you’re in the midst of your IoT journey or just figuring out how to begin, you must be able to turn possibilities into actual solutions in order to drive the business outcomes you need. If you need help getting your IoT initiative off the ground, get in touch.

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