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Multi-cloud, DevOps, Transformation, the Amazon/Whole Foods thing, and more

By Janeiro Digital | July 18, 2017

“The only thing that is constant is change.”

Change is certainly the constant of the tech world. New tech, new trends, new mergers and acquisitions all weave together to continue to remind us that there’s always plenty to learn and even more to keep track of.

The common denominator, it seems, is transformation in all its forms. More than ever, organizations are practicing new ways to lead, changing how they handle their operations, struggling to embrace ever more data, and evolving to serve new markets—or better serve old ones—in new ways.

With these shifts in mind, here are five news items we came across recently that we wanted to share:

The State of DevOps in 2017: Transformational Leadership Is Key

From Forbes

“Organizations that have successfully adopted DevOps are able to deliver a better customer experience with significantly greater operational efficiency. And the writing seems to be on the wall: organizations that don’t embrace these ways of working will likely be left in the dust. But where to start? With all the noise about DevOps lately, it’s difficult for CIOs and other leaders to find an authoritative source of information.”

What it means for you

The stated goal of the State of DevOps Report is “to be the most comprehensive, objective set of research on one of the most impactful trends within IT.” Effective DevOps practices are the foundation of digital transformations and can make or break a company’s performance.

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Are we headed for a cloud crisis in 2020?

From Computer Dealer News

“Big data—or to be precise—the proliferation of data in the world today may reach a crisis point come 2020 because of the lack of WAN bandwidth capacity. Pure Storage CEO Scott Dietzen opened his Accelerate Conference Keynote with this stat: ‘By 2020 the amount of data created will be more than 50 zettabytes.’”

What it means for you

Your infrastructure capabilities may be lacking. With the incredible increase of data, any infrastructure challenges will quickly become a barrier to growing into a fully digital organization. Start anticipating and building for the future now.

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Managing the multi-cloud: It’s complicated

From ZDNet

“One of the more annoying aspects of the tech industry is the proliferation of buzzwords and marketing-speak. Take ‘cloud’ for example. Somehow, we managed to re-label the practice of filling up giant, power-sucking, heat-spewing, soulless warehouses of computing power into something nice and floaty like ‘cloud.’ And now we also have ‘multi-cloud.’ In the fevered world of IT marketing, what exactly is ‘multi-cloud’? Who cares about it? Who uses it?”

What it means for you

All complex systems experience failure for one reason or another, even highly-reliable companies offering cloud services like Amazon, Microsoft, or IBM. To handle interruptions, multiple virtual backup environments can be critical for your core services and offerings.

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Are you transforming fast enough? Lessons from Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods

From CIO

“Many believe that Amazon is seeking the last mile by getting more customers to purchase groceries online. But even if this isn’t the case there are plenty of ways for them to experiment with improving the in-store experience. Certainly we all expect digital payment options and cashier-less checkouts. But Amazon can look to offer many other incentives bundled with Amazon Prime, conveniences by allowing customers to pickup other purchases at Whole Food locations, or customized experiences by better integrating other digital capabilities.”

What it means for you

Be open to multiple strategies and approaches as you retool your organization for digital transformation, even if the seem like head-scratchers at first. Experimenting with a fresh—and unexpected—approach may expand your market share in new and unexpected ways.

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The rise of Big Data: Why companies are amassing information to drive insight

From CIO Dive

“Every aspect of a user’s behavior is contributing to the vast world of Big Data. The amount of data created and copied annually more than doubles every two years, according to an EMC report by analysis firm IDC. In 2014, IDC anticipated that the digital world would grow from 4.4 trillion gigabytes in 2013 to 44 trillion gigabytes in 2020, growth by a factor of 10 within seven years.”

What it means for you

Without a doubt, all of that data you’re collecting can feel overwhelming. Having it all on-hand only poses a problem, though, if you’re not making use of it. Be sure you are deriving insights and value from your data by applying analytics in areas that help you make decisions.

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