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Meet the Digitalians: Kim Bridge

By Janeiro Digital | December 11, 2015

KIMB-01 2For issue 2 of the Meet the Janeiro Digitalians Series, I sit down with Project Director Kim Bridge to learn lessons on directing, dungeons, dragons, and digital life.

KM: Okay so you’re a Project Director. What does that mean?
KB: I act as a liaison between our clients and our teams. I make sure the team is clear on what requirements need to be met, and the client is clear on the expectations for the team. I basically help them help each other.

KM: What’s your favorite/least favorite part of the role?
KB: I like working with people. I could take or leave the paperwork. Time tracking. Money tracking. But I really like that I get to work not only with teams who are really smart and amazing, but also, as a part of an agency, with a lot of different clients. I love the relationship building aspect of a consulting role.

KM: Enlighten me with some PDLLs. (Project Director Life Lessons. I just made that acronym up)
KB:  Never make assumptions. If you make assumptions, they will probably be wrong. Get the details ironed out upfront. You really need to make sure you and your clients’ expectations are aligned from the start. Along with that, get everything in writing, no one remembers something they discussed with you 4 months ago.

KM: What do you bring to the JD fam?
KB: Going back to relationship building— I like getting to know people and building consensus. If you relate to people on a human level, it can really help with that. Everyone has crappy days. Everyone has great days. People have extra stuff going on in their lives. And that doesn’t just apply to coworkers…clients too. If you can get to the human bit at the outset, I’ve found that the rest falls into place pretty well. And I think that Janeiro in general is pretty good at that sort of relationship building.

KM: Tell me about dungeons. And dragons.
KB: I’m a big nerd. I’ve been playing D&D since high school. I remember when THACO was a thing. That’s T-H-A-C-O, all caps
KM: Thank you. I was thinking taco….
KB: I’ve always enjoyed playing video games but I’m a lot more casual than many people are. In college I got into LARPING which is like D&D++. You actually dress up as your characters and run around in the woods and hit people with sticks. Well not actual sticks… [tilts head, looks up contemplatively.]

KM: What else do you like to do?
KB: I like to try lots of things, and I’m pretty experience voracious. I love to cook—I’m a dash of this, dash of that kind of chef. And all my life, I’ve had these random bursts of wanting to be a creative person. I’ll pick up knitting for a little while. I have beads kicking around my house–I do Jewelry making from time to time. Drawing. Writing. Quintessential bard—jack of all trades, master of none.

KM: What’s one piece of advice you have about working in a startup?
KB: You have to be a self-starter. You have to actively seek out information. Everyone is crazy busy all the time. If you have a question, you have to raise your hand. And trying to figure it out yourself before asking isn’t a bad idea. Google is your friend.

KM: What are you reading right now?
KB: Well, studying English lit in college sucked the joy of reading right outta me for a long time, so I got into audiobooks. While I’ve picked up reading-reading again, I remain a rabid audiobook listener. Right now I’m listening to A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison- a totally cheesy fantasy detective novel based in Cincinnati. I’m reading-reading Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets by David Simon. It’s what The Wire was based on.

KM: What are the last three songs you listened to?
KB: Well, like I said. I’m more of an audiobook/podcast person. I like to listen to people talking in my ears. If I listen to music, it’s explicitly because I want to sing or dance. The last thing I listened to I think was Imogen Heap’s album “Speak for Yourself.”

KM: If you had a podcast for your life, what would the name of it be?
KB: “This Shit is Boring” [cracks up]. That’s why I don’t have a podcast. If i had something interesting to say though, I’d totes have a podcast.

KM: I’d listen to it.

And there you have it. A base of literature, a pinch of project management, mixed in with some LARPing and a splash of creativity and voila–Kim Bridge!


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