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JD 2.0 – Thoughts from the Journey

By Jonathan Bingham | October 7, 2015

Introducing: Janeiro Digital 2.0! You can see our new look at And a reflection on the journey below. 

Over the last few months we have been working tirelessly, not just in the day to day throes of a technology firm, but internally: at refining our messaging in a way that reflects who we are as an organization.  And from that, our capabilities in a way that showcases our uniqueness.  We’ve been defining our DNA. Extracting our special sauce.  But not in a marketing fluff kind of way. In a soul search kind of way. This was an exercise in honesty with ourselves about what makes us great.  And how our clients benefit from our efforts in ways that others might fall short.

Piazza-20150914–8765We asked a lot of tough questions. About ourselves. Our process. Our expertise in various disciplines. How can we say we are the best? Can we?

Up until this point, what we do has been vague at best in the eyes of the market we serve. This project pooled together the brainpower of the entire organization, to shape the vision, mission, and identity of Janeiro Digital.  And we are so excited to share the results with you all. 

Here are a few thoughts from the journey.
We leverage technology to solve business problems that organizations never thought possible. Our combination of senior technologists and skill sets makes us capable not just of implementing technology, but of actually inventing solutions when options don’t exist off the shelf. This opens up a world of opportunity for our clients, from revenue generation to cost reduction. And typically, one initiative leads itself to another.

Our background is in building highly complex data-intensive technologies, from concept to production. But by extending that enterprise application knowledge into other complementary areas, and refining our approach around project engagement, particularly with RADD (our process of Research, Analysis, Design, Development), Janeiro Digital has become a new breed of technology partner.  We have stopped putting out proposals from the get go that lock clients into an entire project. The Research and Analysis  phase of our process allows us to align business goals with what’s feasible from a project standpoint, before we even get into Design and Development. During this phase we are literally proving out every key measure, using the scientific method and focusing one major area: risk reduction. We will never start development on a project we don’t know for certain can be completed. And we are so confident in our team and process that after we define what is possible and hand you over a literal blue print on how to implement the solution, there are no strings attached. Take it and walk away. Give the keys to anyone. But since we rolled out this process, we have literally not had one client take that path. 100% conversion. R&A to D&D. That’s not luck.  Our team is a force. Collectively they are the best in the business. Bar none. 

Our culture is just as RADD. It’s rooted in the very beginning, when my brother and I started our first technology company in 2000. We have spent the last 15 years tackling problems that the industry has told us are not possible. It’s who we are. We thrive on that business and technical challenge.  Can’t be done? Bullshit. Try again. There is always an angle. A wedge of opportunity that has been overlooked. Find it. It’s not supposed to be easy. Easy is generic. We strive for unique. And that takes a rare breed of team members.

IMG_5423Over the years, that attitude has proliferated throughout the organization. It’s who we all are now.  From 2 brothers to 70 brothers and sisters. And growing rapidly.  Our culture is old school, where a handshake still matters.  If we say we are going to do something, no matter how painful or hard it will be, you have our word. It’s about sacrifice. And passion. Because if it doesn’t matter to you it won’t matter to anyone. Think as an individual and execute as a team. No exceptions. Not just internally, but collectively. Full transparency with our clients and partners. We are in the trench together. As one. End of story. No games. Just results.

I am proud to be associated with the entire team–of employees, partners and clients–that we go to battle with every day. From the startups trying to break into a new market, to the Fortune 10’s looking for new ways to advance; from the newest team member who likes singing as much as coding, to the senior who bikes up mountains and cools down with yoga–we love you. You are all RADD in your own unique way and collectively we are making waves.


The future is going to continue to shine bright for us all as we push the envelope of what’s possible. Looking forward always, but remembering where we came from. The two guiding principles I live by are: never say “I can’t”, and your word defines your character. And it’s with that mindset that we climb mountains together every day.

Jonathan Bingham


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