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Janeiro Digital and PTC Embark on New Development Collaboration

By Janeiro Digital | May 24, 2017

Janeiro Digital is pleased to announce a new collaboration with PTC as development partners. This collaboration is expected to benefit organizations looking for ways into the burgeoning IoT market. The complementary technology platforms from both companies — the ThingWorx® Industrial IoT platform from PTC and Janeiro Digital’s XFORM — together will empower  transformative digital development projects that enable the IoT journey.

The collaboration enables Janeiro Digital to develop custom solutions that integrate ThingWorx and the XFORM platform in ways that meet the needs of the customer. Together, these offerings make it possible for organizations to develop smart, connected products and solutions faster and more efficiently in support of new enterprise technology infrastructures. This will speed up development and time-to-market, and empower more fully-integrated technology architectures that deliver for modern Internet of Things strategies.

“Janeiro Digital brings a valuable expertise to the Industrial IoT space,” says Catherine Kniker, Chief Revenue Officer, Platform Business at PTC. “Companies that are building complex enterprise applications can benefit from the complementary nature of the XFORM platform and ThingWorx. We are pleased to have Janeiro Digital as part of the ThingWorx partner ecosystem.”

Connected devices, though, are only one piece of the IoT puzzle. How all of those pieces come together within your enterprise ecosystem is the key to driving positive business outcomes.

“Success takes a strategy that drives the outcome you’re after and a technology approach that makes it feasible,” says Jonathan Bingham, CEO of Janeiro Digital. “The combination of ThingWorx and XFORM can enhance a company’s strategy and accelerate the time-to-value. We’re really excited about the possibilities.”

Janeiro Digital’s XFORM is a foundational technology platform for rapidly bringing new solutions online and connecting them with existing enterprise assets in a standardized, efficient, scalable way. With XFORM’s set of core modules leverages industry best practices and enterprise patterns to speed up modular development. XFORM makes it possible to rapidly build new applications or augment existing custom enterprise solutions while ensuring clean and consistent integration. The clean, nimble, and scalable application architecture also provides extra context to be sure the infrastructure works for every business unit without displacing existing integrations.

The ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform from PTC delivers the needed functionality, flexibility, and agility to quickly develop and deploy Industrial IoT apps and cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) experiences. This includes industrial connectivity, analytics, application enablement, orchestration, and codeless AR experience authoring.

Get in touch with Janeiro Digital to see how we can help transform your business.

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