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Introducing XFORM for Financial Services

By | February 6, 2018

PRESS RELEASE | BOSTON, February 6, 2018

Platform Provides Suite of Components for Building Clean, Scalable, Secure and Flexible Financial Services Enterprise Applications

Janeiro Digital, a digital business consultancy solving mission-critical business objectives with innovative technology solutions, today introduced XFORM for Financial Services, a platform that establishes the foundation of a scalable enterprise application architecture, specifically tailored to the needs of financial services organizations. Matt Rossi, a former Senior Technology Manager at Bank of America and Director of Technology at Janeiro Digital, has been promoted to Vice President of Technology to lead ongoing development of the technology suite, which builds on Janeiro’s proven next-generation XFORM platform.

In a recent study of middle- and senior-level managers in the financial services industry, “The Fintech Revolution: Digital Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services,” conducted by Janeiro Digital, respondents cited legacy technology and infrastructure (31.6 percent) and a lack of in-house technical skill (29.5 percent) as two of the biggest challenges or roadblocks they’ve encountered when looking to implement new technologies. Furthermore, more than half (50.5 percent) of respondents said they believe their company’s existing technology deployments are holding it back from new innovations.

The Winter 2018 release of Janeiro’s XFORM platform, XFORM for Financial Services seeks to solve these issues by providing a framework for legacy modernization and integration that enables organizations to architect for sustainable innovation, supported by Janeiro’s expert team of engineers. The platform is targeted to the unique needs of the financial services industry, offering microservices, security componentry and a modular user interface.

“Fast-moving fintech disruption brought on by emerging technologies such as blockchain and machine learning has financial services organizations racing to overhaul their businesses to avoid falling permanently behind their nimble startup counterparts,” said Rossi. “However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to build these new solutions. Enterprises should be creating a sustainable platform that can serve as a ‘spine’ for their digital enterprise. They need a flexible architecture that creates applications in the form of building blocks, which are easier to swap out as their business needs evolve.”

Features of XFORM for Financial Services include:
  • Microservices migrating from a traditional monolithic service-oriented architecture (SOA) architecture into lighter-weight representational state transfer (REST) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) APIs. Hybrid integration patterns are able to interact with various legacy components and services. These loosely-coupled services enable development agility, flexible deployments and high availability and scalability.
  • Security componentry built with the latest data protection standards and practices in mind. This componentry implements modern security practices at each technology layer, from data-at-rest to data-in-transit, and more. It is also optimized for plug-and-play alongside various existing and new authentication mechanisms (OAuth, SAML, LDAP and others), dual authentication providers and third-party services such as LinkedIn.
  • Modular user interface providing a consistent, role-based user experience across various internal and external user populations. With out-of-the-box responsive design, internationalization support and Section 508 compliance, the UI leverages a cutting-edge front-end development framework to promote code reuse, performance and other implementation benefits.

“For the financial services industry, which has been dominated by traditional organizations and legacy players for decades, digital transformation has emerged as a major challenge,” said Jonathan Bingham, CEO, Janeiro Digital. “Matt Rossi’s experience and guidance has been invaluable as we worked to build a platform specifically for this industry’s unique needs. Based on our experience with customers already using XFORM for Financial Services, it is the ideal tool for building clean, scalable, secure and flexible enterprise applications for financial services enterprises.”

Download the overview sheet to see how XFORM can power your digital transformation initiative.


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