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Inline Support For The Win – Part 1

By Justin Bingham | August 13, 2014

“Exceptional and Personalized Support Turns Casual Consumers into Brand Advocates.”

I landed my first job in the tech industry in the late nineties right around the same time I got my drivers license. I started in tech support at a regional ISP – managing dial-up access, virtual hosts, shell accounts, and dedicated/colocated servers. We were a comparatively small and organic operation that had to extract as much value as possible out of our infrastructure and staff. Despite the presence of larger companies with endless resources and lower priced services, we established a die-hard following in the Greater Boston area.

Our customers loved us because they worked directly with a real person anytime they had a question or issue.  We made support a priority, and it became part of our culture. We built a thriving business that won awards for customer service. We succeeded because our customers trusted us. We took care of them, and it made us successful.

The primary medium for support in those days was a telephone. People savvy enough to be comfortable with e-mail as a support channel (especially for critical issues) were in the minority. Today, the comfort level with online communication is exponentially higher than it ever was back then, and the technology to facilitate high-touch, personalized support channels is light years beyond what we ever had in those days.

And yet, despite these advances, exceptional support remains elusive. The companies that nail it are the exception, not the rule. They also tend to be amongst the most profitable.

At Janeiro Digital, we build a wide variety of solutions for clients and partners across an even wider variety of industry segments and verticals. We are directly supporting our clients and their end users.

Up until recently, our support funnel was no better or worse than most everyone else. There wasn’t anything specifically wrong with it, but it wasn’t a differentiator. We have since made a conscious effort to make our support and maintenance exceptional. We have created a new inline support infrastructure that integrates all of the third-party tools and services in our arsenal into a world class support funnel that injects customer support back into the user experience of the applications that we create.

We are leveraging backend services like Zendesk ( to handle the heavy lifting so that we can focus on creating an efficient, warm, and personalized inline experience between our support team and our end users.

We are utilizing technologies like Airbrake (, NewRelic (, and LogEntries ( to proactively inject items into the support funnel to notify people about what we’re working on proactively.

We are creating an experience that brings a personalized support workflow into the application where the user already is, rather than force them out and into a place they don’t want to be. Not only that, but we’ll detail exactly how we’re pulling it off in additional segments to come – so that you can have exceptional support too. Your customers, clients, and end users will love you for it.



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