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Impressions from LiveWorx17

By Janeiro Digital | June 6, 2017

Recently, a crew of Digitalians attended the LiveWorx Technology Conference 2017. From augmented reality to industrial applications, LiveWorx was an exciting exploration of the leading edge of IoT. The event is put on yearly by PTC and billed as “a conference to elevate the IoT conversation and deepen your business strategy.” So, consider us both elevated and deepened! For us, it was an amazing opportunity to talk to business stakeholders on the front-lines of IoT and share first-hand the lessons we’ve learned rolling out IoT initiatives successfully across the enterprise.

We saw brand new niche technologies poised to become indispensable parts of any well-rounded enterprise IoT solution in the coming months and years. We had some great discussions around analyzing and predicting where and how these technologies might impact the greater landscape as we know it today. And, it gave us a chance to discuss our technical expertise and offerings and the ways that Janeiro Digital helps across the entire technical environment.

With that in mind, here are some thoughts from our attendees of standout experiences that get us excited for our future IoT work:

Jeff Kushmerek, Managing Director:

“We heard people saying that there is now an edict: Get going with IoT or quietly disappear. This is serious and companies that embrace the technology, create new service offerings, and serve customers better with data will survive. The event was a combination of CAD systems, PLM, and IoT, which brought together a very interesting mix of people and perspectives. Seeing CAD designs being used as a critical piece of AR/VR really captured full lifecycle IoT. It was also great to hear a presentation from Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code. Plus, lasers and robots as entertainment was awesome.”

Nahel Gandhi, Managing Director:

“We are excited about the growing interest in IoT over the last couple years, evolving from the ‘myth of IoT’ to now polished proof of concepts happening in many different types of organizations and industries. This year, it seems, the way to do business is to build for a connected future and organizations are embracing that. Jim Heppelmann [President and CEO of PTC] gave an opening statement about IoT as an integral part of the entire value chain, from strategy to design to operations to selling to the C-Suite to bringing it across the enterprise.”

Justin Bingham, Chief Technology Officer:

“Many organizations are entering into a phase where they know that they need to incorporate IoT into the enterprise, but really need a lot of help to figure out how to do it properly. The last hurdle many of these organizations had to clear was a proof of concept. Now they’ve done that and know their ideas are viable, but they still need a strategy to integrate it all into their greater business. There was a lot of uneasiness and confusion around how to do it, and that is a huge opportunity for us because it is our sweet spot.”

We met with a lot of great folks, presented an Ignite Talk, sang karaoke, raced some drones, and came away as excited as ever about the future of IoT. We’re positive that the experiences of this great week at Liveworx will continue to propel us into new and exciting places in the coming months.

There’s a lot of compelling and intriguing tech out there. Our advice is to carefully consider your desired business outcomes, choose the best solutions that can help achieve those goals, and focus on full integration across your enterprise and value chain. (And, of course, we can help you with all of that.)

Looking to the future, we’re excited to support and embrace integration and innovation for IoT initiatives and to help drive clarity of vision and strategy towards success.

We’ve got your best interests at heart.

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