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Get to Know: John Ediger

By Janeiro Digital | August 7, 2015


Marketing Manager Kristen McCormick gets the scoop on Front End Developer John Ediger

KM: What’s the simple version of what you do? 

JE: Building the visual aspects of a website, as opposed to business logic and storage.

KM: The hi-tech version?
JE: I work with AngularJS for the most part.

KM: The fancy version?
JE: I enable user interaction through code.  I figure out the actual implementation of the user experience.

KM: Why developing?
JE: I like building things that people can enjoy and use. With software, I feel that I can create at the speed of thought, which is so much better than waiting on things you can’t control.

KM: Why Janeiro?
JE: The culture. I love working with such a great team. And, that includes the Costa Rica crew.  We’re all one team – they’re just, well, in Costa Rica.  Janeiro is, kind of mysterious on the outside.

KM: Are you mysterious on the outside?
JE: No, I wouldn’t call myself mysterious; I would hope most people “get” me pretty quick.

KM: What has been your favorite project so far?
JE: We’re working with a company whose app tracks things like sleep, calorie consumption, and weight, and charts it over time. Users can pick up on patterns and interact with them in a way that improves their health.

KM: Would you say that knowing or being interested in the purpose behind a project changes your work ethic?
JE: Not really.  I’m more interested in the how rather than the why.  I like when other people like it, but for me it doesn’t really matter what it’s for.

KM: Do you have a typical day?
JE: Usually, I just start out creating a clear picture of what I can dive into given the pieces I have to work with. Crises inevitably come up, in which case I may need to fix something quickly and then return to what I was doing. Meetings are hard because they force you stop working and focus on communication instead.

KM: What is your daily workflow like?
JE: The workflow is like when you exercise and you get your heart rate going. If you stop for a half hour, it’s harder to get back into it. When I was in the office a lot, I’d have to pay attention to the time because of the train schedule.  But, since I work from home most days now, I’ll get into something and then next thing you know it’s 7 p.m. and I’m like, “Oh I should probably stop now”.

KM: What do you like most about what Janeiro does?
JE: I like how we’re mercenaries.  Our client’s employees tend to be loyal to certain institutionalized processes, which can hinder them from innovating quickly. As an external team, we don’t have to pay homage to these processes, and can offer an objective perspective.  And as a smaller team, we can be more agile.  So, we’re able to get the job done faster. It’s like creating a startup within a company.


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