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CyrusOne, Part 1: Mapping new business opportunities

By Janeiro Digital | March 28, 2017

CyrusOne and Janeiro Digital began working together a few years ago. Over the course of several projects, a fruitful relationship has developed that grows stronger with each new undertaking. Janeiro Digital has brought insight and skill to solving business problems through the intelligent application of technology. Their ability to accurately assess and define the issues an organization faces, confirm the technical landscape, and then pitch an appropriate technical solution made true business impact time and again while drastically reducing risk.

CyrusOne operates global data storage centers around the globe. Their state-of-the-art facilities allow customers to purchase space and services for the housing and maintenance of their technology infrastructure. Within CyrusOne’s data centers, they offer all the necessary resources for the equipment, such as monitoring, security, climate control, and maintenance. They continuously respond to technological updates in the market and maintain compliance with new regulations to ensure seamless service for their customers. Through these offering, CyrusOne helps all of their customers overcome their capacity constraints and ensure continuity and confidence.

For their very first project together, CyrusOne came to Janeiro Digital with a unique challenge that they needed help with.


CyrusOne was finding that they were left with unused space in their data centers between the areas occupied by their enterprise clients. Each customer’s equipment set occupies large, uniquely shaped lots in the data center. The leftover pockets of space around those setups were irregular and too small to be used by other large clients.

These “odd lot” sections of the floor were sitting unutilized even though they were ready to take advantage of the data center resources — power, bandwidth, cooling, security, and electricity. The dead space represented lost opportunity that was taking up 10–15% of their data center floor area and wasn’t being used in any profitable way.

To address this, CyrusOne wanted to devise a way to make use of these empty areas as part of their business. They suspected that there must be a way to draw revenue from them but they were not sure how to address the problem most effectively.

Janeiro Digital thought the scenario sounded like an interesting problem to solve and their Rapid Alignment and Design and Development processes felt like a perfect match for CyrusOne. Through mindful conversation, deep understanding, and analysis, Janeiro Digital set out to fully assess and articulate the challenge, define the project goals, and deliver a digital solution that would meet the needs of CyrusOne.


Janeiro Digital developed the concept for the CyrusOne Data Center Marketplace, a custom data center marketplace application for CyrusOne. The Marketplace would display the leftover space in their data centers and make it available for online viewing and purchase.

Janeiro Digital started by mapping the floor of every CyrusOne data center around the globe to identify the areas that were utilized and those that were not. With this data, Janeiro Digital hypothesized that selling the smaller leftover spaces would not require CyrusOne’s typical high-touch sales funnel.

CyrusOne’s business model required a time-consuming direct sales process with each individual client as they establish a contract for services. The new application would be self-serve to foster growth in their business without further burdening the sales staff. It would allow customers to utilize an interface — similar to airline seat selection — to choose from various criteria that define their needs. CyrusOne Marketplace could then offer real-time recommendations of the most plausible configurations of available space to serve their needs.

The hypothesis was that this project could open up a new market that CyrusOne did not yet address. When Janeiro Digital presented the initial wireframes to CyrusOne, they loved the concept. They weren’t immediately certain it would make them money from a currently untapped customer, but they prided themselves on being forward-thinking in their industry. This project felt like it would build on that reputation in all the right ways.

For CyrusOne’s existing customers, the interactive visualization would also give them insight into how the data centers are set up, which would improve transparency in their business.


CyrusOne was able to take advantage of the wasted spaces in their data centers that were sitting dormant and turn them into profit. The new system gave them an understanding of the available space and a technology that made it possible to offer that space to customers. The self-serve ease of the application further helps to avoid a burden on the sales team. This lets the sales staff focus on enterprise sales to the customers that occupy larger spaces in CyrusOne’s worldwide data centers.

The project also created an opportunity for CyrusOne to develop a new pre-fabricated single-rack unit called CyrusOne Express that became an important part of their product offerings for a time. The new hardware product could immediately fill odd lots in any configuration as CyrusOne’s customer base expanded. The hardware allowed customers who were interested in the newly exposed spaces to seamlessly equip their purchased lots with custom arrangements of gear that fit it perfectly.

Within eight months of deployment, CyrusOne Data Center Marketplace had paid for itself through sales to new customers that they had not been talking to before. The seamless combination of Express and the new hardware offering created a new product line that accounted for a large percentage of their annual revenue and new customer market.

The project let CyrusOne maximize profit by capitalizing on the capacity of their existing resources and it quickly became a core part of their business.

Tailored solutions for the future

From the very beginning, Janeiro Digital dedicated time to understand the challenges faced by CyrusOne. These conversations let Janeiro Digital and CyrusOne develop a natural and organic working relationship distinct from typical digital services engagements.

CyrusOne liked the way Janeiro Digital operated and the marketplace project paved the way for more work and a lasting relationship. A true partner relationship evolved over time, allowing CyrusOne and Janeiro Digital to finetune a workflow for their mutual planning and development methodology, always assuring project success and minimizing risk.

Janeiro Digital consistently displays agility in their approach to the CyrusOne work and is committed to finding the right solutions for each new challenge that utilize the most appropriate technologies available. The evolution of projects that they have worked on together has followed a path of natural growth within the organization as Janeiro Digital delivered projects for the technology, marketing, support, and finance teams. The success of each project has inspired trust and openness between the two organizations and paved the way for more.

When Janeiro Digital is brought in for substantial projects like CyrusOne Data Center Marketplace, they’re often transformative for companies. Janeiro Digital’s RADD process is frequently eye-opening and the organizations they work with begin to bring pieces of it in-house. Janeiro Digital prides themselves on inspiring better teams and stronger business approaches in everyone they work with.

Unlike larger firms that CyrusOne had engaged in the past, Janeiro Digital strives for consistency in their teams and their processes. They bring a depth of expertise and technology insight to the work, always listening carefully to the business problems CyrusOne faces and then delivering innovative technical ideas and real solutions.

Got a technology problem? Our team of hardcore technical architects and experts can help. Let’s set up a time to talk about your business goals and how we can help you innovate to reach them. 


About CyrusOne

CyrusOne operates state-of-the-art data storage centers around the globe. They offer customized data center solutions tailored to the IT needs of their customers to help them lower short and long term capital and operating costs. This allows their customers to overcome current and future capacity constraints by responding to technological updates, meeting business growth, and complying with up-to-date industry regulations.

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