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An Intro to RADD

By Jonathan Bingham | December 11, 2014

At Janeiro Digital, our ultimate goal is to help businesses better achieve their goals so they can in turn better serve their customers. To accomplish this, we sought an approach that was inventive and unique – something that makes Janeiro Digital stand out among the masses. That’s when we conceived RADD.

For those of you wondering, the term RADD (because really, who doesn’t love being rad?) is more than just a synonym for “awesome” coined by surfers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s now an approach that delivers cutting-edge, high-value, disruptive solutions to business challenges you might not even know you have.

Our RADD approach is rooted in the scientific method to fully articulate business goals and identify the best possible solutions. Every case begins with up-front research to identify the problems and questions that need to be answered to satisfy the goal. Hypotheses are formulated, analyzed, tested, and adjusted until definitive results are met for each one. These results are intelligent and actionable conclusions that pave the way for implementation through rapid design and development cycles.

The reality is that there are quite literally thousands of agencies who can execute the design and development phases. But thanks to our unique, 360° approach, we’re able to provide a holistic digital strategy that marries key business objectives with technology enablement.

Here’s a more detailed picture on how we get RADD, all day every day:

Rapid Alignment

RADD begins with identifying questions and problems. Once our team completes the extensive research needed to fully understand each unique client scenario, we create hypotheses that provide solutions for each component, including technology architecture or product development.

Next, we provide answers to high-risk technical questions and validate the product strategy and technical approach. Our objective in the analysis phase is to create an execution plan that may include user interface (UI) prototypes for key workflows, data architecture suggestions, and infrastructure design.

Design & Development

The design phase brings to life the execution plan. At this stage, we develop user workflows, UX wireframes, design concepts, UI mockups and rapid prototyping, complete design composites, and continued front-end quality assurance.

And finally, we’ve arrived at the development phase. Here’s when everything comes together and the execution plan is implemented. At this stage we provide:

  • Application delivery
  • System integration
  • Maintenance & support
  • QA and test automation

If that doesn’t excite you, here’s an example of RADD in action.

The Customer: A global data center supplying mission critical hosting services to a large quantity of Fortune 1000 companies.

The Business Problem: An outdated customer engagement toolset, with all customer management happening through an antiquated support ticketing channel requiring phone conversations with support technicians and account managers. Maintenance costs were high and scalability was becoming an immediate short-term problem.

The RADD Solution: A secure, web-based, responsive customer portal that works across all major browsers and device types , renders dynamically based on user role and access level, and employs two-factor authentication to ensure access is limited to credentialed individuals only.

The Result: An 85% reduction in customer service overhead.

So what do you think? Are you ready to get RADD with Janeiro Digital?

Jonathan Bingham


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