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An Afternoon with Life is Good.

By Jonathan Bingham | August 18, 2014

What better way to kick off our thought leadership series than with a discussion lead by the CEO of Life is good Bert Jacobs.  The goal of the series is to give entrepreneurs and operators a unique perspective into the challenges, motivations and operational hurdles and successes that have paved the way for our speakers throughout their careers.  Straight talk.  No bullshit.  Network with a group of people that want to learn more.  Learn from those successes and mistakes to make their organization or their individual outlooks as well rounded as possible.

Bert was inspiring.  Insightful.  AND truthful.  He talked about the challenges he’d faced at Life is good.  And how they worked through those as a team.

 Businesses are not a means to an end.  They are not just a thing to do after you kiss your wife and kids and go to work, killing time until you get home.  THEY ARE AN OPPORTUNITY.  They are a chance to actual do good things WHILE doing good things.

 As well as I thought I knew Life is good and their CEO, I learned something yesterday.  The time to make a social impact isn’t just “once we hit it big” but WHILE you’re working day in and day out.  These are the days you can make an impact.  LET CAPITALISM be your friend in this aspect of the adventure.  By being positive and focusing on your operational tasks AND integrating a social wellness approach you don’t have to wait.  That’s a true definition of success.  Both from a corporate standpoint, and a personal one.

 And you know what?  For Life is good that socially conscious stewardship has actually propelled them FORWARD ahead of the pack.  With more Facebook followers than Toms Shoes (another great socially conscious brand), Life is good has created a brand that their customers rally WITH.  They are part of the story.  It is the optimism that helps the COMMUNITY at large drive forward TOGETHER.  Hold a door open for someone, tell a stranger you love them and smile like the beacon of Life is good , Bert and John’s mom taught them so well to do.  Even with her passing this year, its clear that Joan raised a remarkable family, one that cares about people and finds the good in everything.  Brands can learn from that type of authenticity.  And the ones that operate with transparency, respect and a good heart will go far.

Let the Joan-shine carry on.  Life is good

Jonathan Bingham


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