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A Culture of Camaraderie

By Janeiro Digital | May 26, 2016

Agency life is a risky business. Every project’s success depends on a series of exchanges, between stakeholders, a project management team, a production team and more. Have you ever played telephone? Imagine communicating these technical requirements between players:
“The purpose of the apply skin button is to save any changes the users has made to the default skin.”

This is a simple requirement, but with enough people and modes of communication involved, that phrase could morph into:
“The application of a porpoise’s skin button is to shave any changes to the user’s garlic salt chin.”

That’s a silly example, but the point stands that in agency life, with its many players and layers, errors occur even when everyone is functioning at 100%. The onus of these errors often falls on the production team in the form of late nights, jumbled direction, and complex rework. So why is it I am not resentful and frustrated? Why am I not stressed out about porpoise skin buttons all of the time?

The answer lies in our culture, which has a flavor of camaraderie that is unique to Janeiro and that rests at the heart of the business. Janeiro is its people, and every single employee reciprocates that philosophy. On numerous occasions, I have tapped out of a late night, only to be nursed to sleep by the lingering glow of accomplishment through kinship. Conversely, I’ve been up at the wee hours of the morning, wrestling with code at 3:00am, in need of clarification from a Project Director or Tech Architect. And they were there to provide it. No matter when, where, or why, Janeiro teammates are armed and ready to reinforce your efforts.

This level of support seems like an anomaly at times. What is the formula? Is it the distribution of employees all over the world? Is it the bond created by constantly solving impossibly complex technical challenges together? Is it the pressure of looming deadlines or our commitment to only the highest quality of work? I am not sure, but I am certain that at the core of the equation lies a symbiotic interchange between Janeiro and its employees.



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