An Afternoon with Life is Good.
By Jonathan Bingham | August 18, 2014 | Technology

What better way to kick off our thought leadership series than with a discussion lead by the CEO of Life is good Bert Jacobs.  The goal of the series is to give entrepreneurs and operators a unique perspective into the challenges, motivations and operational hurdles and successes that have paved…

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The New Janeiro Digital
By Jonathan Bingham | August 13, 2014 | News

Janeiro Digital set out seven years ago to bridge the gap between business ideas and technical solutions.  Over the years our work in application development has driven the innovative thinking of our organization.  We’ve been fortunate to work with many tremendous companies, helping their technology goals come to life. As…

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8 Ingredients for Crafting a Service Level Agreement
By Sean Fitzgibbons | | Technology

Whether augmenting your current development team or leveraging third-party vendor resources for application management, a clearly defined Service Level Agreement  (SLA) is key to the success of your engagement. SLAs have traditionally applied to IT service providers, guaranteeing performance, uptime, incident reporting, and responses. The fundamentals, though, can be adapted…

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Inline Support For The Win – Part 1
By Justin Bingham | | Thought

“Exceptional and Personalized Support Turns Casual Consumers into Brand Advocates.” I landed my first job in the tech industry in the late nineties right around the same time I got my drivers license. I started in tech support at a regional ISP – managing dial-up access, virtual hosts, shell accounts,…

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The UX Roadmap
By Tony Morelli | | Capabilities

The road to designing a great product is often paved with revisionary red ink. Over the years, we’ve found that the UX/UI design process can be streamlined by breaking down the silo between UX and UI and striving to get things the right way the first time. By blending the…

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